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What Pandemic??

Farm life--and homeschool life--doesn't stop for a pandemic. Animals still have to eat. Fences still need to be repaired. Crops still need to be cared for and harvested. Kids still need to do lessons and chores. But not having to drive to extracurriculars and fine arts classes has been such a blessing for our family. As nervewracking as it has been to watch numbers go ever higher, watch our economy come to a screeching halt, see so much conflicting advice over masks or no masks, and witness the economical, physical, and emotional destruction this virus has had on our relationships with each other as members of the human race, I have been grateful for this forced season of rest. But I have completely neglected blogging and a couple other business-related matters in the process. I don't even know what day it is half the time anymore! Bit by bit, as I continue to adjust to the current situation--which I refuse to call a new normal, because there is absolutely nothing normal about such little human interaction and active avoidance of our fellow God-created brothers and sisters--I am re-prioritizing time and tasks, reorganizing, and purging--like many of you! So, here is what we've been up to the last few months!

During this pandemic, I have decided to make friends with my sewing machine. I am not a woman with a great deal of patience. I feel like God is trying to encourage me towards a greater level of patience--and giving me a glimpse of His sense of humor (which I don't always find quite so humorous!), by blessing me with my last three kiddos--all back to back (which I swore I'd never have back to back babies because that is just insane). To top that off, He gifted the oldest of these last three with a HIGH level of energy! My Lord certainly loves to keep me on my toes, keep me growing in faith in Him, and flooding me with His Grace and Mercy every single day. Adding in pandemic-sewing has certainly been an increase in patience-cultivating!! BUT, tadaaa! I made a really cute bag! I have a gathering apron that I like, but might tweak at some point. I have covered a few cushions. I made a bag. And of course since we're in the middle of this novel coronavirus, I have learned how to make masks. If I have to wear one, I may as well make some pretty ones. No pictures of those yet.

Our town hosts an annual parade and rodeo. We missed the rodeo yet again, but got great seats for the parade--all by ourselves on one side of the route, so no masks required! My 12 year old was in the parade while my oldest was at work (1st job!). But look at their cute faces enjoying the parade!!