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First Things First:

#1 We DO NOT ship.

#2 On-farm and local pick up (in Bowie) is free; pick up in Boyd on Monday evenings while we're at extracurricular activities is also free. Delivery to Decatur and Saginaw incurs an extra fee. 

#3 Egg Shares are limited.  I only offer 15 shares total for the season.  If you sign up for an egg share and I've sold out, I will refund your money.

#4 Yes, you may order more than 1 share of meat and/or eggs. Our most popular option is our Small Combo listed below.

#5 If you cannot meet at the designated time/day/location, let me know.  There is room for flexibility!

To order, click here

Flock Shares:

Eggs - $60 - 2 dozen per month for 6 months (March-June AND Sept-Oct)

Brings cost to $5/dozen for members; regular price is $6/dozen.

Meat - $150 - 1 chicken per month for 6 months (Jan-June)

Brings cost to $25/chicken for members (avg 4.5 lb/ea); regular price is $27-$40

Small Combo - $205 - 1 chicken plus 2 dozen eggs per month

Perfect for 2-4 people Save $5 over ordering shares separately. Most popular option

Large combo - $410 - 2 chickens plus 4 dozen eggs per month

Perfect for larger families.  Save $10 over ordering shares separately

Feel free to mix and match shares as you see fit!

Thanksgiving Turkey--2024 DEPOSIT ONLY $25

You may also order eggs and individual frozen chickens. Just select any delivery option/date for now, since the only pick-up dates showing are for next year's CSA.  Make a note in the comments section that you're ordering frozen.  I'll contact you to arrange a date/time/specific location.  Delivery fees are still included, unless we can work out an arrangement where I am already driving your direction.  If that's the case, I'll refund the delivery fee, gladly!  Otherwise...Gas is expensive.

To order, click here

Alternative payment arrangements--including bartering--may be arranged.

Please contact me directly at 682.553.7793 to discuss

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