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All of our goats are 100% grass/hay/browse-fed.  No hormones, antibiotics, or grain is fed, with the exception of a little bit of corn on the coldest days of winter, just to keep them friendly(ish).

Market Goats

Looking to fill your freezer?

We have a selection of goats that are not cut out for breeding.  Not all goats can be the "creme de la creme", of course!  So the ones that don't make the cut for breeding purposes--for our farm or yours--naturally get sold as market goats.

Maybe you are interested in raising your own meat, but don't want to go through the hassle of breeding your own.  Or, maybe you are leery of keeping a stinky, randy--and possibly aggressive--buck on hand.  We have kids available for purchase for you to raise up to market weight on your own, if you wish.  Meat from goats that are milk-fed, up to 3 months is called cabrito.  We don't typically sell our goats that young, unless they are bottle babies.  Meat from goats that are 3 months to 12 months old is called chevon.  

Here is a list of a few recipes: Goat Meat Recipes – The American Goat Federation

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Breeding Stock Spanish Goats

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We are proud to partner with the Spanish Goat Association to work towards conserving this hardy and adaptable breed of goat that is currently on the Conservation Society's Watch List.  Spanish goats are well-known for their adaptability to all climates, their hardiness, disease and parasite resistance, and for their excellent mothering abilities.  Due to these desirable traits, Spanish goats have been cross-bred repeatedly to other breeds, to such a degree that their numbers have increasingly dwindled over the years.  We are part of a much-larger network of producers working to restore the numbers of 100% pure Spanish goats nationwide through responsible husbandry, while also striving to breed and raise a quality meat goat.  We are DNA registered and SGCS-certified Spanish Breeders, and are listed as Lifetime Bronze Members of the Spanish Goat Registry.


Breeding stock billies. 

All of our Spanish goats are pure black, from the Syfan-bloodline.  Each goat has been selected and bred first for hardiness, health, and vigor, and next, for color.  For availability, please click below.



Breeding stock nannies.  Our nannies are very dependable mothers, who kid easily, without any assistance.

All of our Spanish goats are bred first for health, hardiness, and vigor, and next, for pure black color--no badger-faced Syfans in this bunch.  To find out about current availability, please click below.

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