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Workshops, Classes, and Field Days

Free Range Chicken Farm

Chicken Butchering Class

Join us for a VERY hands-on workshop!

During this class, you will learn how to process a chicken, from start to finish: 

1. We will begin with prep and set-up, including how to maintain proper hygiene and sanitation. 

2. We will move out to pasture to catch and load chickens.

3. From dispatch to dressing, you will be wholly involved in the whole process. 

When the day is over, you will go home with 2 chickens, processed entirely by YOU--1 whole chicken, and 1 cut and packaged into parts.  

Cost is $75 per person, or $100 for a couple (going home with 1 set of 2 chickens)

Next available date:

March 2025, date TBD

Snow Covered Car

Online Workshop

Winter Storm Survival

Don't burn your furniture during the next winter storm power outage!  Check out our 10-week email series on how to stay warm in the event of another 2021-style Snowpocalypse!

Free Range Chicken Farm
Free Range Chicken Farm

Workshops and Classes

We host hands-on workshops and classes covering a variety of subjects, from chicken processing, to basic survival skills (for kids and/or adults). 


Prices vary depending on subject matter being taught.

Contact us for schedule and pricing.

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Field Days

Field Days are wonderful opportunities for our visitors to come be a farmer for a few hours!  On field days, visitors get a tour, help collect eggs, move chickens, set up paddocks, rotate goats, or other tasks depending on the season.


Lunch or dinner can be added on for an additional cost.

Contact us for schedule and pricing..

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