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Pasture-Raised Eggs and Meat

Beyond Organic Farm Fresh Cluckery




2024 Reservations are now being accepted!

$25 deposit

Raised on pasture, just like our chickens.  

Turkeys are raised for their first few weeks in a temperature-controlled brooder, and fed a high-protein game bird starter feed.  After they have feathered out, they move onto pasture.  They are fed the same non-GMO, corn-free, soy-free high protein feed that our meat birds eat, but they primarily forage for bugs and seeds.  They rotate at least weekly.  They have access to a shaded perch/mobile pen, which they prefer to roost on top of. 

Turkeys will be processed at the end of October or the beginning of November.  A final date will be decided on a later time, as our members-only potluck date and dates for fall camping for our AHG and Trail Life troops are finalized.

You can specify small, medium, large, and XL when ordering, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request, which may or may not result in your turkey needing to be processed and frozen earlier.  These details can be discussed when you place your order, and finalized closer to/after turkeys are processed.  Obviously males grow faster than females, and factors like weather (drought, heat, floods, abundant rains leading to abundant grasshopper populations) can affect their growth.

Small is 6-12 lbs

Medium is 13-16 lbs

Large is 17-20 lbs

XL is over 20 lbs.

Flock Shares

skillet chicken.jpg

$150/meat share     $60/egg share

2024 Flock Shares are SOLD OUT!

What could be better than delicious, juicy, tender, pasture-raised, farm-fresh chicken?  How about 6 months' worth of this delicious, good-for-you-and-the-planet chicken?  At a reduced rate, no less?! 


Chickens bought individually cost $6/lb, for an average cost of $28-$40+ per chicken (average weight is 4.5 lbs--but can weigh up to 6+ lbs).  But, what if you could get a locked-in rate of $150, for a whole chicken-season?  That comes out to $25/chicken.

Our average weight on processing day during the months of January through June is 4.5 lbs, so some will be heavier, and some might be a little lighter.  You will end up with around 28-30 pounds of meat during your 6 month membership  At $6/lb, that comes out to a cost of $160 AND UP.  Signing up for a chicken membership might sound weird, but it saves you money over buying individually.  

Frozen chicken is available for purchase year-round (while supplies last) for $6/lb.  Check out our store for availability!

We also offer egg shares!  $60/share gets you 2 dozen eggs a month for 6 months! (Read the shop details--eggs are offered seasonally!)

Meat Chickens

Image by Zoe Schaeffer

$6/lb ~ $27+ whole bird


Through all the research we did on the best breed of meat bird, nothing beats the Cornish Cross hybrid.  This is the same chicken you buy at the grocery store, all neatly packaged for you.  These chicks are babied for their entire short life.  They spend the first 2-3 weeks in a temperature-controlled brooder.  Once they have feathered out, they are moved to their roomy new home in a mobile chicken tractor.  Every day, they are moved to a fresh patch of grass.  They are given fresh water daily, and are fed a non-GMO, corn-free, soy-free, non-medicated feed from a local source, in Muenster, TX. 

Butt Nuggets



Eggs as God intended!  Farm fresh butt nuggets, gathered daily, usually by the kiddos!  Our chickens are free to roam on about an acre at a time, running around, doing their chicken-thang--foraging for bugs and scratching in the grass, roosting in the trees when they don't feel like being in their coop....  In addition to their all-you-can-eat buffet of bugs and grass, they are also fed a soy-free, corn-free, non-medicated, non-GMO feed milled locally in Muenster, Texas.  You have to taste and see the difference to believe it!  Clear egg whites, bright, tall-standing yolks, strong shells, from happy chickens! 


Chicks, Pullets, and Cockerels

Currently Available

Image by Zoe Schaeffer

mixed-breed roosters ~ $5/each

3+ year old laying hens ~ $10/each
These hens (chickens that are laying eggs) are past their "prime", which means they are no longer laying every day, but still lay several times a week.  Perfect for new chicken owners, and those just looking for a few eggs a week (per chicken) to feed their family.

mixed-breed chicks ~ $5

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