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Baby, It's Cold Outside!

A week ago, our temps were around 90. Yesterday, our high was 36. Texas weather, in the spring and fall, is crazy.

Amazingly, despite the below-freezing temps in the mornings the last few days, our meat chickens continue to grow and are doing great. We lost 12 chicks during the first week. 😭😭 We haven't had a single loss since then, despite Texas weather being drunk. Also, my lettuce didn't die. Hooray!!

Winter is a season of rest. And it appears winter is here several weeks early! When it's cold, we let our animals rest. No lights in the chicken coop. Our gardens rest. We don't have a greenhouse *quite* yet. We are learning how to do a few things right now (raise meat birds and grass-fed cattle, grow, like, anything at all).

I anticipate few, if any, extra eggs being available. The cornish cross chickens we are currently raising are for our personal consumption. Our garden is tiny. But we are spending this season of rest busily gearing up for spring! Infrastructure is being put in place for spring crops, baby chicks will be purchased soon (don't worry, they have sweet digs to call home!) so they will be laying by spring, more tractors will be built for another round of meat birds available to the public, nanny goats are being flushed for winter breeding, bucklings are being evaluated for breeding stock (we have 2 showing solid promise!) or market sales (2 more are scheduled for market sales)--all kinds of fun things happening here!

So, while we currently have no fresh offerings, stay tuned for spring! And who knows, during this season of rest, in between farm projects and fence building (ALWAYS fences to build!!), look for some homemade and handmade items available for purchase! Especially macarons (like macaroons, but somehow different--you'll have to ask the baker!)--our 16 year old loves to make macarons!

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