Image by Gabriel Jimenez


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What do farm-fresh butt nuggets, pasture-raised poultry, and Spanish goats have in common?  You can find all of these on our farm, being raised on pasture and sunshine!

Located in Bowie, Texas, just 30 minutes south of the Red River, we raise chickens, goats, and a heifer on a mix of native and bermudagrass pasture.  Through extensive research and talking to "ones who know," we believe that health begins with what we eat--including what THEY eat (animals and plants, alike).  To this end, we are "getting back to our roots," through using regenerative agriculture practices, such as no-till farming and intensive rotational grazing.

We offer eggs and meat from chickens raised directly on pasture.  We have a 6-month long chicken subscription offered spring through summer (think CSA).  From time to time, we  have a surplus of in-season produce.  We are part of conservation efforts to rebuild numbers of 100% pure Spanish goats.  There are so many adventures here, that we can't even list them all! 

Feel free to sit back, relax, and wander around our pages.  Check out our product information pages, and see how we do things just a bit differently here.  While you're at it, spend some time perusing the blog where I discuss our adventures--and mishaps--in being a haphazard homemaker. 

We work hard, play hard, learn a lot, and love us some Jesus!  Life is an adventure!  Join us in ours!