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So many seeds, so little time!

I have more seeds than I know what to do with! I sat down the other day, and began the arduous process of inventorying what I have. YIKES, y'all.... I have a full Tractor Supply plastic bag just FULL of seeds!!!

Well, I came across some magic on Facebook the other day. Another poster in one of my who-knows-how-many homesteading/farming groups had this beautiful photo of her seeds, organized by type in small plastic containers, and placed inside of another plastic container. They were labeled and everything! So jealous!!

Of course, I contacted her and asked her what kind of beautiful thing she used to organize her seeds. Turns out, they are "just" scrapbooking cases. This in-the-box thinker would never have thought to use scrapbooking cases for seed storage, because scrapbooking cases are for SCRAPBOOKING--duh!

Needless to say, I have now purchased my own set on Amazon, and they will be here in 2 days, thanks to the Godsend that is Amazon Prime. REJOICE!

In the meantime, I'm working on inventorying my seeds, and feeling accomplished. :-) To grab your free, full editable copy today, be sure to visit me online at 7 Arrow Ranch and join my email list! I promise not to spam you--this girl doesn't have time for that nonsense!!

Once you have your seeds organized, or while you're working on it--just start getting your seeds started! If you local peeps need seed starts or organic fertilizer, check out my friend Margaret over at 7L Farms, also in Bowie, and she'll hook you up!

Remember, sharing is caring!! Post your progress on social media, using #7ArrowRanch and #GettingBackToOurRoots

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