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Hooves on the ground!

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Our fall 2019 kid crop is already 4-5 weeks old! Crazy how quickly time flies! We have 5 doelings and 1 buckling that we are keeping an eye on. We are focused right now on growing our herd, and while sheer numbers are important, our primary goal is conservation of the Spanish breed. To this end, we have to constantly be looking for the characteristics that make Spanish goats, well, Spanish goats! They are known for their hardiness, adaptability, independence, parasite- and disease-resistance, and good mothering abilties. If at any time, a goat falls outside of those fundamental characteristics, it will be culled out of necessity. All that means, in our case, is that that goat will not be mixed in with breeding goats. It might become billy chili. It might just get to live here forever. Who knows?!

As our herd grows, we'll look at other characteristics. I don't know which ones yet. I know that I am totally in love with our buck Hank's horns. They. Are. GORGEOUS.

All of our goats are from the Syfan bloodline, originating from Three Mill Ranch, deep in the heart of Texas. All of our goats are full-black. Some breeders breed for the badger-face that some Syfans have. I love the badger-faces--they are so cute! But we reallllly wanted a pure-black herd. So, that's what we have!

Here are our first 2 kids from this kid season: meet Patty and Patsy! Momma is Reba. And Reba's momma is a Foundation Herd dam, straight from Three Mill Ranch.

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