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Livestock Guardians

Puppies and Geese

Dogs and puppies

Great Pyrenees/Anatolian mix



We currently do not have a momma, due to a tragedy.  We plan on getting a replacement when our hearts are ready and our fences are reinforced.



Our litter's dad is Comet, who is half Great Pyrenees, and half Anatolian.  He has a huge blocky head and a deep chest.  He has the short coat and curled tail of an Anatolian, but the Great Pyrenees white coloring.  He is my sweetest boy.  He loves attention, just like all of the dogs, and he is truly a gentle giant.  He, his full sister (same litter--she is fixed) Astra, and our litter's mom, Halley, guard our 20 acre farm, which consists of goats, a cow, chickens, turkeys, geese, and has been known to cuddle with kittens.



none available at this time.

$50 deposit; $300 total


IMG_20220502_114604_568 (1).jpg

Perfect for guarding your chicken flocks and warning of predators!

None available at this time.

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