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Great Pyrenees/Anatolian mix



Our momma, Halley, is 100% pure Great Pyrenees.  She is right at 1 years old, and is mothering her first litter.  She is a sweet, attentive momma to her babies.  And they are well-fed, y'all!  Halley has a super sweet personality.  She loves attention--all of our dogs do!  But Halley always looks like she is smiling!  She is used to patrolling our 20 acre farm, and keeping watch over goats, cattle, turkeys, geese, chickens, and even cats.



Our litter's dad is Comet, who is half Great Pyrenees, and half Anatolian.  He has a huge blocky head and a deep chest.  He has the short coat and curled tail of an Anatolian, but the Great Pyrenees white coloring.  He is my sweetest boy.  He loves attention, just like all of the dogs, and he is truly a gentle giant.  He, his full sister (same litter--she is fixed) Astra, and our litter's mom, Halley, guard our 20 acre farm, which consists of goats, a cow, chickens, turkeys, geese, and has been known to cuddle with kittens.



Halley's 1st litter born January 2022!!
She had 6 babies total: 1 girl, 5 boys.  These puppies are 75% Great Pyrenees, 25% Anatolian.  Parents guard the whole farm, from goats to cattle to chickens, turkeys, and geese.  
$50 deposit/$300 total.